Brownie Point's range of
homemade brownies are so
fresh and fudgy that after you've
tried one you will keep coming
back for more... mmm
All varieties of Brownies and Blondies are available in the following slab options. Slabs are 25-30mm thick.
UNCUT SLAB   370mm x 280mm
(vacuum sealed into 2 packs)
CUT SLAB 24pc Triangles - 140mm x 60mm
Squares - 60mm x 70mm
CUT SLAB 32pc Triangles - 90mm x 70mm
Squares - 60mm x 45mm
CUT SLAB 48pc Squares - 45mm x 45mm
CUT SLAB 64pc Squares - 45mm x 35mm
CUT SLAB 96pc Squares - 35mm x 30mm
All cut slabs divided and sealed into four packets per slab ie: 24pc into packs of 6; 32pc into packs of 8.