Brownie Point's range of
homemade brownies are so
fresh and fudgy that after you've
tried one you will keep coming
back for more... mmm

From the humble family kitchen to being judged by Gourmet Traveller judges as “Runner Up Best Desert Plate” at Festivale 2012, Brownie Point is quickly becoming a well known name in Tasmania and Australia.

Finally a company who can cater for an ever increasing population of people with allergies. Brownie Point offers a wide range of gluten free hand baked products which are not boring and bland but decedent and delicious. Also offering nut free and egg free products, there will be something to fulfil the sweetness in all of us.

Our products are all handmade and hand cut with love, just like you would find in your Nan’s kitchen without the bulk, commercial made taste that you often find in large bakeries.

The success of Brownie Point is rapidly increasing every day with us being regular suppliers both locally in and around our beautiful little state to a growing interstate clientele:

Tasmanian Gourmet Distributors supplying to a wide and varied group of customers. From select delicatessens and new food stores, independent grocers and corner general stores, quality butchers, fruiterers and fishmongers, health food stores and organic shops, discerning hotels, restaurants and caterers, hamper companies and florists. (Tasmania)

Satisfine Foods have been supplying the Sydney and broader New South Wales foodservice market with a selection of gourmet food products for the past 7 years. (New South Wales)

Alpen Delicious supplying more than a 1000 outlets comprising of cafes, restaurants and hotels with a range of taste sensations. “Each and every product we sell has to be mouthwatering, look brilliant (because we eat with the eyes), be competitively priced, of the highest quality and satisfy customers every time. (Victoria)

Our sales speak for themselves and by adding Brownie Point products to your menu or sales list this will very quickly become validated to you and your business. And as you can see from our list of suppliers we can and will cater no matter where you are situated.

For those of you who care about your customer, the local corner store, cafes, hotels, restaurants and catering companies, we can supply our products as an individually wrapped serve in a variety of tempting flavours, to family packs and for the larger and serious caterers we can supply whole slabs cut or uncut.

Not forgetting the local fundraising drives, Brownie point will add to your fundraising with minimalistic effort as our product sells itself. We bake brownies, cakes and slices.

Keep your eyes peeled as you can often find us at public events in an around our island home, with our ever popular warm raspberry and white chocolate Blondie served with lashings of rich double cream and fresh raspberries or our wickedly decadent warm walnut and chocolate brownie served with double cream and handmade devilish ganache.
Our customers continue to come back and this is what some of them have said:

"WOW, this is heaven and a desert does not get any better than this does..."
Cheryle, Shearwater, Tasmania.

"Are you the people who have those amazing Brownies on the Apt Railway on the West Coas"? "If so may I buy a whole box to take home"?
Jim, Tourist , South Australia attending Festivale, 2012.

"Deliciously divine and what a delight to find a gluten free product that tastes so good"
Melanie, Carnegie, Victoria

"Can I swear if I may... Ok I won't but Amazing, what a surreal taste sensation"
Jade, Tasmania

"My favourite is the chocolate brownie but my partner, Kyron loves the Blondie, he went back for another one and he is so not a sweet tooth. I'm a massive fan and I wish that they were available in more stores"
Sarah, Launceston Tasmania

Call us today. You or your customers won't be sorry that you did! We are here for your catering needs no matter how big or small.

Photography by Renee Hodskiss